WP Personal Maintenance

Original price was: 55,00€.Current price is: 49,00€.

One month Wordpress professional maintenance and 24/7 support

Take advantage of the service launch offer now

Compare the packs. Find the plan that best suits your website. Still have doubts? Visit the FAQ page


Relax while we take care of your site, keeping it fast, updated and secure

Core, theme and plugin updates

We will guarantee that both the active theme of your website and the installed plugins have the latest safe published versions.

In the case of premium or author software, we will consult with you before replacing them with their latest commercial version (*) or their free equivalent.

In the case of discontinued versions, we will also notify you and suggest the most appropriate form of action.

Daily backups:

Offsite backups of your entire website and database are done periodically so we can restore it if needed.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We use automated monitoring and live eyes on your site to make sure even the slightest issues don't cause any site problems.

Page Speed Optimization:

Files size and connection speed are reviewed to improve the user experience at your fast site.

(*) The price set by the Premium service providers to renew the licenses will be charged separately, upon agreement with the owner of the website.

Core, theme and plugin updates Weekly
Offsite backups Monthly
Uptime monitoring 24/7
Content updates 2 tickets/month
Emergency support Queued
Domain DNS
Domain reputation
Blacklist check Advise note
SPF registry Report
DKIM Report
DMARC Report
Meta title on home page Report
Meta description tag in home page Report
Google Search Results Preview
Most Common Keywords Test
Home page keywords usage Report
Keywords cloud
Headng tags Report
Robots.txt configuration Report
Sitemap configuration Report
Broken links redirection Report
SEO Friendly URL test
Image alt implementation Report
Inline css fix Report
Fix Deprecated HTML Tags Report
Include Google Analytics / Google Marketing Platform
Google Search Console link
JS Error fix
Social media Report
HTML page size
Load speed
Page objects (HTML, css, scripts, images, flash components)
Enable HTML/GZIP compression (depends on server) Report
Javascript minification Report
Css minification Report
Nested tables test
Frameset test
Page cache (Server side csching, depends on server) Report
Image cache Report
Doctype declaration test
Flash test
URL redirects Report
Instalación y configuración de plugin de caché Report
Cloudflare configuration On demand
CDN configuration On demand
Canonical URL configuration Report
HTTPS Lets Encript install (depends on server) Report
HTTPS instalación de certificados TLS On demand
Informe sobre navegación segura en el sitio (no está listado como sospechoso ni padece de phising)
Server Signature Configuration (depends on server) Report
Protection against brute force
Block repeated login attempts
Block repeated password requests
Firewall software configuration
Malware and virus detection
Media query responsive adaptation On demand
Mobile Snapshot
Google mobile friendly revision
Structured data On demand
Noindex tag configuration
Canonical tag configuration
Disallow directive configuration Report

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