Web efficiency, security and safety

The perfect maintenance plan for your web, either its a personal or professional site

Try our plans if your WordPress is slow, maybe very slow, if it has slow backend or your site has slow response time. Also if it needs update, or the update failed. ¿Maybe your site is old, or so are the plugins?

What makes INCENTRAL the answer to your WordPress site?

Page Speed Optimization

Files size and connection speed are reviewed to improve the user experience at your fast site.

Regular Performance Tweaks

As updates are made we review and constantly tweak the server and network to ensure your site is as fast as it can be.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We use automated monitoring and live eyes on your site to make sure even the slightest issues don't cause any site problems.

Malware Cleaning & Removal

As soon as our scan system detects malware, we clean and remove it so your site is always on track.

Website & Database Backups

Offsite backups of your entire website and database are done periodically so we can restore it if needed.

SEO Optimisation

Ou goal is to bring the best traffic to your web and to improve your search visibility.

Content updates

Use the service tickets to tell us what contents you'd like to change, as many times as you want. ¡Unlimited!

Automatic IP Lockout

Our safety measures include automatically locking out any unwanted or suspicious behavior.

Check our FAQ section if you wnt more information about how the INCENTRAL WP maintenance system can help you to tune up your site to speed up page loading times, optimize image sizes, update core, plugins and themes, create backups, and keep it protected and tuned up.